Toyota’s Rehab Robots help People Walk Again

Toyota plans to launch new versions of the bionic leg and balance-gamification in Japanese hospitals. The Walk Training Assist and Balance training Assist are designed to aid people who have difficulty walking after suffering a stroke or other injuries to regain their mobility skills.
bionic leg and balance game

Toyota had planned to launch the new versions of assist robots last year, but 2013 passed away without the machines becoming commercially available. The company is now interested in selling these machines as soon as possible.

bionic leg and balance game
The Walk Training Assist is a brace that covers the knee and the lower leg. When it detects movement, it bends the knee at the optimal angle and patients can practice walking while watching the video and audio feedback.

bionic leg and balance game

It normally takes an injured patient more than 10 weeks to complete rehabilitation, but Toyota claims that its robots “can reduce the time by half”.

bionic leg and balance gameThe Balance Training Assist on the other hand combines a self-balancing technology with video-game screens to help patient improve balance while standing. The patient stands on Segway-resembling device and plays video games like rodeo, skiing, and tennis that require movement of the body while trying to stay balanced. The games get more difficult as the patient shows improvement , helping to move therapy along at a natural pace.

Japanese are not the only ones exploring robotics prosthetics and assisted walking devices, Honda the maker of ASIMO is also working on such technology.

Via : slashgear