Tracking firearm use in real time with Yardarm sensor


Connected technology is now focusing on law enforcement and its related entities. A silicon Valley startup called Yardarm has developed a sensor that will bring real-time monitoring to police firearms, providing data such as the location of the gun, whether the gun is holstered or not, when it is drawn, when its’s fired and which direction the gun is pointed.

The Yardarm sensor is a small electronics package that fits into the police officer’s firearm. The streamlined unit features a programmable microcontroller, accelerometer, and gyroscope. The small sensor pairs up with the user’s smartphone via a Bluetooth transmitter, which in turn connects the device to the Yardarm Cloud, where the data can be shuttled off to the user’s superior or the organization’s command center.

The Yardarm sensor aims at sending real-time alerts when officers are in a hostile situation, but are unable to call for backup. Overall, the device ensures safety for both the officer as well as the public. The company says the device will complete field testing this year and will be released early next year.



Via: Gizmag