Trendy Binary Wrist Watches

Check out this awesome Binary Wrist Watch. It’s exclusively designed for geeks and others won’t be able to read it.

DIY binary wrist watch

The time can be set by holding the left button for two seconds. After that you see a blank screen and the time can be set bit by bit by switching through the bits by pressing the left button. To set the bit, hold the right button for one second. The watch automatically switches over to the normal display mode after the last bit has been set.

Elia wrote an article detailing his binary wrist watch project:

I have just finished my binary wrist watch project (well, the new revision anyway). I was surprised at how small I was able to make it compared to last time.
I chose to go with the “super-yellow” color LEDs as they fit the purple OSHpark PCB very nicely. The biggest challenge was actually making a good looking wrist band for the watch. I originally intended to use a design like this but it turned out that due to lack of enough para cord I had left, I went with a simpler design that I had done once before.

Check out this great Binary Wrist Watch. It’s a true watch for the geek since most won’t be able to read it!

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