Tumblr two-factor authentication makes the blogging platform more secure

Tumblr has finally rolled out a two-factor authentication. The new option, once enabled will make it difficult for hackers to enter your Tumblr account. One key is the password and the other is a unique code generated by your Android device.

Tumblr has finally rolled out a new two-factor authentication – an option available within the blogging service’s “Settings” section as of now. This option once setup, decreases the likelihood of hackers breaking into your Tumblr account. The first key is a regular password, while the second one is a unique code generated by your Android device.

Tumblr two-factor authentication

“You know how you need two keys to launch a nuclear missile?,” Tumblr wrote in a blog post.

At last Tumblr has decided to implement the same strategy implemented by top tech companies including Google, LinkedIn and Twitter, the majority of which offer some sort of two way authentication in order to provide added security and protection to user accounts, making them less vulnerable to unauthorised access by hackers.

Once enabled, it requires any logins to your Tumblr account or changes to certain settings – password, for example- to be sent to your mobile phone for confirmation. So any person who has extracted your usual username and password via phishing can now by no means enter your Tumblr account. The unique code required to enable login would be sent to your cell phone or any other device, so unless the hacker has obtained that too, their criminal actions have come to an end.