Twitpic saved by the last-minute deal with Twitter


Twitpic, the popular photo sharing service on Twitter, founded in February 2008 will hand over both its Twitpic web domain and its photo archive to Twitter, ensuring that existing photos and links to TwitPic will be kept alive “for the time being”.

Last month, Twitpic announced that it was been forced to shut down following a trademark dispute with Twitter. Twitpic said it didn’t have the resources to fight Twitter in court. Then two weeks later, the company said it was going to be acquired by an unknown company, and only revealed a month later that it is happy to announce that they have reached an agreement with Twitter.

Now, with the Twitter acquisition, Twitpic will continue in a view-only mode, says Twitpic founder Noah Everett. Twitpic stops accepting new photos or data. The company’s Android and iOS apps have been pulled down from their respective app stores, and the service will no longer be supported. Everett concludes saying that he thanks all the users for being a part of their photo sharing memories for nearly seven years.

Via: Gigaom