Twitter Timeline gets Animated GIF support

Twitter gets something incredible this week, the company announced the much-anticipated support for GIFs in your timeline. That means you no longer need to click to a third-party website to view those looping, oftentimes hilarious, animated images. Now it’s all right on the social network’s desktop and iOS and Android mobile platforms.

“Starting today, you can share and view animated GIFs on, Android and iPhone,” Twitter wrote in a tweet on Wednesday- which was accompanied by a GIF showing a man holding a cute fluffy dog with the caption “GIFs got me like.”

GIF’s in your timeline won’t play automatically until you click on them, which helps save bandwidth. GIFs show up with a blue “Play” button in mobile apps, which expands the tapped tweet and starts playing the GIF.

While several other social websites like Tumblr and Pinterest, have already added support for GIFs, Facebook is still adamant on not including the gif animation feature, as it believes they’ll spoil the beauty of user’s News Feeds.

Source: Twitter