Twitter Users not Really Happy with the Latest Change!

Twitter is known for experimenting with its features like revamping direct messaging, adding pop-up notifications on its web app and allowing users to upload animated gifs. But, its latest experiment has been annoying to many users. Many users are seeing the tweets which the users whom they follow favorite on their timeline. Not only this, but also the popular tweets from accounts others follow. Well, just reading this gets our temper up. So, you can imagine the condition of the users! This is something which was totally unnecessary!

Twitter timeline shows tweets favourited by others and people they follow
So, basically Twitter now considers retweets the same as favorites! Retweets are something that you re-post from people whom you follow so that your followers might find it interesting. But favorites are there so that you can kind of bookmark some tweets and visit them later. They are kind of private and not all users might find them interesting. But now, everything you favorite goes on the timeline of your follower directly!

Well, this might be viewed as an act done by Twitter to increase its popularity. It wants to circulate its posts among the users and it is doing whatever possible for that to happen. While only Twitter is satisfied with its actions, the users, unsurprisingly, are not!

Twitter has not yet responded to requests for comment, but in a generic blog post on its site about such tests, the company notes that it “experiment[s] with features that may never be released to everyone who uses Twitter.” The company adds that the “they help us decide what not to do –– which is important as we work to keep Twitter simple while improving the user experience.”