UNU’s fastest self-charging battery pack- UltraPak charges your phone in 15 minutes

There are many battery packs out there to charge up our devices, but most of them take a few hours to charge full. Until now, we haven’t found a solution for the ever-waning battery life on our cell phones.

Thankfully, UNU Electronics’s latest release, the Ultrapak portable battery pack promises a full charge to devices after just 15 minutes of charging in an outlet. In other words the UltraPak series can recharge your devices up to 8X faster than conventional battery packs.

If you’re on the go, the Ultrapak can soak up enough power to fully recharge your iPhone 5S in just 15 minutes.

Ultrapak features a smart digital screen that indicates what percentage charge its holding and how long you’ll need to leave it plugged in for a full charge.

The device comes in two configurations:

  • The UltraPak Go 3,000mAh version that can be recharged from 0 to 100 percent in under 30 minutes.
  • The UltrPak Tour 10,000mAh version that can be fully charged in under 110 minutes.

Both the versions are available for preorder and will ship in mid-August.

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