Up for a race on a Giant Treadmill?

giant treadmill

Chilean brand Oxford Fitness will soon start hosting an unique race – a treadmill race. Oxford Fitness is a treadmill company. For the first time we will see ten runners on the same treadmill at once.These races will be hosted on Saturdays and Sundays. The concept is simple. Set a speed for the treadmill and let contestant keep up as long as they can.

For a change, this two-hour race would we played in five rounds. In the first round it’ll run on a speed of 10 KM, and it’ll keep increasing with each round. The one, who could withstand this challenge, will emerge as the winner.

This treadmill is 5 meter high, 6 meters long and 3 meters wide. The maximum speed is upto 16 kmp, which is roughly 6:00 per mile pace. Don’t worry about the video. The exit isn’t a embarrassing one like shown in the video. It’s just a symbolic form to motivate people.

This race sounds more like a community activity. It’s a nice idea that you could train on a treadmill with the friends you always wanted. Just like a walk in the park.

Via: RunnersWorld