USB Armory – USB drive-sized computer for security projects


The USB Armory from Inverse Path is an open source hardware design; implementing a flash drive sized computer. It is a tiny embedded platform for developing and running a variety of applications. The security features of the USB armory system on Chip together with the openness of the board design give power to users and developers with a fully customizable USB trusted device for security applications which are innovative and open.

It is based on the 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 and features Freescale i.MX53 along with 512MB of DDR3 SDRAM and includes a 5 pin breakout header with GPIOs/UART, a microSD card slot and a customizable LED. It is powered through USB.

This processor supports quite a few advanced security features like the ARM TrustZone and secure boot. The ARM TrustZone implements domain separation between a secure and a normal word down to a peripheral and memory level. This facilitates numerous projects like authentication tokens, password managers and electronic wallets. To ensure the execution of only trusted firmware on the board, the secure boot feature lets the users to fuse verification keys.

As mentioned above, the complete design is open hardware. One can download all its files from the official GitHub repository. And finally, the target price for the final design can be estimated to be around a hundred Euros.

Via: inversepath