Using Flickr as Backup Service for your photos

urlFlickr is providing 1 TB in free storage space that is quite generous by any standards. This is at least 200 times more than the storage space provided by Google Drive or that provided by Dropbox. You can use this space to create a backup of your complete online collection of pictures .

Flickr is one of the oldest photo sharing service has become even more convenient by providing free storage to the extent of 1 Terabyte. You can easily use this space to store up to half a million pictures securely in the cloud, ready to be accessed when you require it.

1  Compare this to Dropbox where you get a mere 2 GB in storage or Google Drive which is slightly higher by offering you 5 GB for all you pictures and files. The only flaw, if you can call it that in Flickr is that though you get 200 times the storage space, the individual size of the photo should be less than 200 Mega bytes. But this should not be such a big deal unless you happen to be a photographer by profession and managing pictures in RAW format.

With 1 TB space at your disposal, Flickr makes a great place to store your collection of pictures in digital format. You can set the default privacy of your photo albums online as being private and limit search visibility to hidden. This will ensure that no one who is not authorized will be able to find or view the photos that you have saved on Flickr.

The process of uploading the photos on to Flickr: Though Flickr provides a uploader that is browser based it may not be quite convenient for uploading huge batches of photograph in lots. But you can make use of a couple of software titles (on desktop) that will make things simpler for you to move your photo collection from the PC on to the Flickr Cloud space. The official desktop uploader for Flickr is accessible on Mac and Windows and has been last updated in the year 2009. But you will find that it works perfectly fine on Windows 8 anyway.


You can easily drag folders form the desktop to the Flickr uploader and the image files will be automatically extracted from the folders and the sub folders too. Another thing you can do is go to tools then preference and modify the default
privacy before starting the process of uploading new photos to the queue for uploading.

Another option that is equally good is Flickr Schedulr as compared to the official uploader as this one provides almost all the features but also allows you to set a timetable for uploading photos and videos on to Flickr.

Synchronizing photors between Flickr and Desktop :Taking on a approach similar to Dropbox the PhotoSync synchronizes pictures for Flickr and desktop. It makes up a special watch-floder on your hard disk and all the folders and files that you add to this folder are saved as sets automatically on Flickr. This sync is two way by default. But you do have the choice to prevent the deletes occurring on Flickr when you happen to delete any photo on the desktop locally.


Lastly there is FlickrSync that works on Windows that happens to also provide picture uploads automatically. This does not need to you to collect and place all photos in a single folder. FlickrSync provides a tree view of the hard disk. You can click on the folder of your choice from the displayed list and the photos included in this will be transmitted to your Flickr. The sets on Flickr will have identical name as the folders. You may change this my making the changes in default setting.

This is one way to ensure that you do not lose those precious photos and Synchronization will ensure that and what is more the folders will be the exact reflection of the local folders.