Using Persuasion to Get Your Dream Job [Infographic]

In this job market, one of the most important skills you can have is making sure you stand out. The value of the art of persuasion can’t be overstated, especially when there is always someone more qualified than you vying for the same position.

So how do you make them remember you in an interview? Letting them know that you’re interested in them is a good first step. Remember, if you’re not interested in them, they won’t be interested in you. Even if this position is just one of many you’re trying out for, it never hurts to make yourself familiar. Check out their website, social media presence and get into the spirit of their company culture.

And what about after the interview? Sometimes the old ways are the best.  Since so many people are in such a rush these days, most people would only think to write a thank you email to the folks they met on the day of the interview.  How about a hand written note? It’s more effective and memorable than you might expect.

Take a look at this infographic for more ideas to help you stand out in getting the job you really want.

Using Persuasio