Vector MouthGuard – More accurate data on football concussion, more safety to players

Vector MouthGuard

Despite a lot of training regarding the safety measures in the field, the number of concussions in football matches many range from 4-6 in a month. Head injury is the worst thing one could imagine in any sports activity at any level.

Experts from various fields including inventors are making every possible effort to collect data from these concussions, so that more effective safety measures could be included in trainings to players.

One of the names worth mention in this regard is Marucci, who has been searching sensors and accelerometers to be used in gears used in football like helmets.

Vector MouthGuard 2

The i1 Biometrics’ Vector MouthGaurd is what it came across after a long time. This time a more innovative medium was chosen to embed the sensor into a sports gear. All the sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and microprocessors are embedded in the old-age protective dental device.

The advantage to have a whole computer in the mouth is that it moves to same direction in which the head of the player moves. It gives more accurate data about the concussions, thus, increasing the probability of identifying measures which could have provided better safety or how such concussions could be avoided.
Digitrends reports:

“There is a secondary benefit as well. Because areas of impact can be traced – a 3-D rendering of the head is among the data instantly transmitted — it can also serve as a performance device. If a player is ducking his head during a tackle and using the crown of his helmet, which is not only an enforceable penalty but also dangerous, potentially career-threatening, it can be fixed.”

Vector MouthGuard 3
The Vector MouthGuard is made from ExxonMbil’s Vistamaxx elastic polymer technology. That makes Vector MouthGuard extremely durable. You can expect production and delivery of Vector MouthGuard at the start of 2015 with a price tag of $199.

Via: DigitalTrends