Vodafone Foundation unveils Network-in-a-Backpack that connects people after natural disasters

This backpack might not look cool to you but don’t go on how it looks because it has a lot in it that can save you in a time when you need a help atmost. It contains all the kit you need to establish an ad hoc mobile network in just ten minutes-perfect for those working in disaster areas. Vodafone Foundation has launched a backpack bag named Instant Network Mini that has a 24-pound mobile network in a backpack to help you contact family and friends in the wake of a disaster.
Instant Network Mini bag is small but it comes with many great features such as it provides a 2G GSM connection that is capable of handling thousands of text messages and five calls made at once to people within a 328-foot radius. It is equipped with a GSM base transceiver that uses satellite connection to link up to a host network. It is designed to provide both voice and SMS communications to a small humanitarian field office in disaster areas.
Vodafone Foundation unveils 'mini' mobile
Two 220-pound kits handled a total of 1.4 million text messages and 443,288 calls within 29 days during Vodafone’s mission to the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan. This smaller version has a range of 3 miles.
Andrew Dunnett, Director, the Vodafone Foundation, said: “The Vodafone Foundation Instant Network has enabled thousands of people to reconnect with their loved ones. Vodafone Foundation Instant Network Mini is simple and quick to deploy and will be particularly valuable to those humanitarian workers without any other means of communication”.
Since it does not take a long time and can be deployed within minutes and be carried on planes, it can potentially help more people and more quickly, too.
Via : Vodafone