Voice Controlled RGB LED Lamp Powered by Arduino

Saurabh’s high school project demonstrates how easily we can control devices using speech recognition to do what we want. Speech Recognition has found its way into a variety of applications in military, healthcare, etc. He opted for the easiest and most popular platform that is Arduino and Visual Basic.Net. saurabh decided to create a voice controlled lamp. He wanted the lamp to change colors as well as be energy efficient. It also had to be easy to control. Since LEDs were too common, Saurabh decided to use an RGB LED. He needed a container to diffuse the light and so started with an empty glass jar. The jar was filled with Gel Wax which acts as a good medium to diffuse the light.

Voice Controlled RGB LED Lamp

The RGB LED was mounted underneath the jar’s screw-on cover. [Saurabh] soldered a 220 ohm current limiting resistor to each of the three anodes of the LED. A hole was drilled in the cap so he’d have a place to run the wires. The LED was then hooked up to an Arduino Leonardo.

Saurabh then wrote a code suing Visual Basic.Net. The code allows you to directly manipulate the lamp, but it also has built-in speech recognition functionality. With Speech Recognition mode user can say <color Name>”color”

For example saying Red color will change the color of the lamp to red. If you say Random color it keeps on generating random colors.

The video below demonstrates how you can manipulate the lamp through voice recognition.