Walking just got a lot easier with Digitsole!


Well, we all have to agree that winter can be pretty harsh on our feet. Who likes walking with cold feet? It isn’t any fun! So, just imagine how amazing it would be if you could control the temperature of your hoes with just a click on your smartphone. Anyway, thanks to Digitsole, it is now a reality!

Digitsole is the first connected, heated, interactive insole which can be through your smartphone. This creative foot product was designed for people’s health and comfort. You can turn the heat on or off it with just a button on its app screen. Digitsole is available on Android and iOS and the app is connected to your insole with Bluetooth 4.0.

Digitsole can also track how many steps you take and also how many calories you have burned. You can even adjust the temperature of each sole separately so that you can record the accurate temperature of each foot. So, in case the temperature of one foot drops down, the in-built thermostat will get adjusted to pre programmed temperatures and you won’t have to do anything but walk as your feet warms up.

Digitsoles are thin and can easily fit into almost any shoes. All you need to do is enter your weight and height so that it can calculate the total number of calories you have burnt. They have battery life for about eight hours and a water resistant design. It has 3 layers of material – Neotech, Poron TX3 and PU soft-touch microfiber which are all are pressed together to give the final product.

Also, the insole features a shock heel system which softens the shock and spreads the vibrations of the foot which occur when you walk and run. And, there is a flexible region near the toe box to optimize the natural movement of your feet. Currently, the product is being funded through Kickstarter. If you are early, you can get a pair for only $99. In case you run out of luck, you’ll have to pay about $149. So, better hurry!




Via : Gizmag