Wearable Computing Gloves for Learning Braille

A pair of high-tech vibrating gloves could help blind learn Braille easily even if they are doing something else.

The gloves created by a team of Georgia Tech researchers in the US have vibrating motors sitting atop each knuckle and were initially designed to teach people to play piano. When one of the knuckles vibrates, the wearer hits the corresponding key, and audio cues let them know the Braille letters produced by typing that sequence.

Electronic Glove

In the Braille experiment, a group of people who were new to Braille wore the gloves while typing a set phrase. The group was then distracted by playing unrelated video games for 30 minutes. Remarkably, even those participants that weren’t attentive were able to repeat writing phrases taught by the glove. Moreover, not only did their Braille writing improved, but the study participants were also able to read and recognize some Braille letters with greater ease.

Via: Medgadget

Source: Georgia Tech