Wearable Tech: The Future of Accessorizing (and Health Insurance) [Infographic]

Technology is becoming less an extension of oneself—and more a part of oneself. Bracelets, for instance, have become activity trackers that can monitor steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled. They can also keep track of lifestyle, fitness and dietary goals. A bracelet that can also be carried in a pocket, the Sony Core can monitor your music preferences, where you jogged, the places you visited, the photos you took and the movies you watched.

There’s also wearable tech that isn’t for the wrist. The Lumo Lift can clip to your shirt via a strong magnet. The nifty gadget measures steps and posture and can send personalized reports and suggestions to your phone about how to improve your posture and avoid back pain and injury. Of course, there’s also Google Glass, which you can control entirely with your voice. Tech is even transitioning to the inside of our bodies. Ingestible and implantable tech is on the horizon where we can swallow a sensor to better understand what’s going on inside of us. While this technology can offer major health benefits, there are serious privacy concerns. The potential consequences of such technology on our health insurance coverage are enormous.

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The Future of Accessorizing

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