What’s your favorite Oktoberfest?

Do you like to chicken dance?  Do you like to drink beer?  Do you like to eat delicious sausages?  Then you must also be a fan of Oktoberfest, that magical time of the year when Bavarian culture enthusiasts get together to celebrate.  You might think you have to go to Germany to celebrate.  While Munich is definitely the best of the best in terms of Oktoberfest, there are plenty of celebrations you can attend stateside that are pretty darn great.

For starters, Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is second only to Munich, Germany in size.  In fact, they broke the world record for the most chicken dancers in 2004, totaling 48,000 dancers.  It’s not all about beer, brats, and chicken dancing, either.  There is a running of the wiener dogs and competitions of all sorts.  It’s a street fair to end all street fairs.

Other cities across America have great Oktoberfest celebrations as well.  San Francisco seems like an unlikely Oktoberfest destination, but they boast a surprising 17 German clubs in the seaside city.  Tulsa, Oklahoma is said to be the most Munich-like Oktoberfest, while Chicago boasts homemade bratwurst and a parade.  Learn about the eight biggest Oktoberfest celebrations in the U.S. from this infographic.

What’s your favorite Oktoberfest