WhatsApp’s voice calling screenshots leaked!

WhatsApp voice calling

Back in February, the popular messaging service app, WhatsApp announced that they would introduce a voice calling feature for their app. Recently, the screenshots of what WhatsApp’s voice calling might look like were leaked by AndroidWorld.nl’s (an Android focused website) Sander Tuit who extracted images, layout files and text from the raw code of the app hosted on WhatsApp’s website.

The Android version of WhatsApp exists in 2 builds – the stable branch which you will find on PlayStore and another one which is available directly from the company’s website. But, the version on the company’s website has more perks as it gets updated more often and contains a hell lot of hidden features which undergo testing before it is ported as a stable build on the Play Store. The most recent version on the company’s website contained a lot of hidden secret screens which were not disclosed. And guess what the screenshots featured? Yes, it was a voice calling functionality which will most likely be seen on WhatsApp quite soon.

However, this is not confirmed officially. But, the screenshots are a definite indicator that voice calling feature is being tested on WhatsApp. The calling functionality and the texting functionality will appear separately. Dialing, call logs and contacts screen are all handled separately by different screens. One of the shots of a conversation window also featured received and missed call icons. WhatsApp was acquired earlier this year by Facebook for $21.8 billion.

The images indicate a pretty straightforward implementation of voice calling, with a slide-to-answer function, options to reply by message and a button to connect Bluetooth headsets. It also looked like the users would have the option to record calls and play them back later looking at this code.

But, as stated before, the information is not yet confirmed. Although the code for these functions exists, there is no guarantee that they will be included in the final release. Also, there is no report on if this would be a paid app. However, we think that this app might be available for free considering apps such as Viber, Line and Skype have already offered a free calling feature.

Via: The Verge