Where is Your POS System Vulnerable? [Infographic]

In 2012, the Retail Industry made up 45% of data breach investigations. This is the highest percentage in retail history, and a 15% increase over 2011. While many business owners may feel that their business is too small to be concerned about a data breach, according to Visa’s estimates 95% of credit card data breaches are on small business customers.

So how can small businesses improve security? They can start by educating employees and conducting security awareness training on a regular basis. Also, identify users. Ever user-initaited transaction should be tagged. Registering assets is also important. Make sure to keep a complete inventory or registry of valid devices.

Check out the infographic below presented by MerchantWarehouse to learn more about POS vulnerabilities in small businesses and how they can be secured.

Where is Your POS System Vulnerable

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