Where’s the Risk in Enterprise Software Security Management? [Infographic]

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars outsourcing tasks — in 2012 alone, this amounted to $134 billion. The average enterprise outsources 65 percent of its mission critical apps. Finance, accounting, IT and HR are all commonly sent to third-party companies to complete. While outsourcing is fairly common, it does come with risks. Sixty-three percent of data breaches were the result of security deficiencies in third-party codes and, despite this, only one-in-five enterprises conduct third-party software security assessments.

The business of hacking has become a full-time job for others to prevent.  For instance, DDoS attacks cost companies approximately a shocking $3.5 million annually.  And the threats will continue to get worse. Why? An estimated 76% of intrusions came about through weak or stolen passwords.  In this infographic, Veracode explores the world of software security and how third-party outsourcing can damage a company.

Do you own a business? What’s the biggest problem you’ve seen in your software enterprise computing and where did it originate from? Please let us know in the comments.

Where’s the Risk in Enterprise Software Security

Infographic by Veracode Application Security