Which Country Drinks The Most Wine? [Infographic]

You may have never heard of Andorra, the tiny country between France and Spain, but they consume the second most wine per capita of any country in the world.  Vatican City is far ahead of them, with each person consuming almost 74 liters of wine per year, and France is just behind them at around 44 liters per person per year.  Based on percentages, The United States consumes the greatest portion of the world’s wine supply at 13.09%.

Italy produces the most wine out of any country in the world, though France is a very close second.  Italy, France, and Spain together produce nearly half of the world’s wine.  The United States comes in fourth place in the world’s production, and California produces 90% of the U.S.’s wine.  China surprisingly comes in fifth place for wine production, even beating out such notable producers as Argentina and Australia.

Some people might wonder where Sake fits into all this.  As it turns out, Sake production is closer to beer production than wine production, though it is often referred to as “rice wine”.  Over a hundred years ago there were 30,000 Sake breweries in Japan, though today there are only around 1700.

Learn more about the surprising facts and figures of world wine production from this infographic.

Which Country Drinks The Most Wine?
Infographic via: WineCoolerDirect.com