Why software load testing is required

software load testing is requiredToday, the life has become very fast.  Everyone wants to everything in very short time with doing minimal efforts.   Competition level has increased to the extent that everyone wants to overpower other. Therefore there is a dire need to bring quality and efficiency in work area.  Today business can get all dimensions of efficiency when automation is in place. There are tons of software companies that are in business of deploying automation software system.  Software is being used in all verticals of the industry like banking, retail and manufacturing.

The accuracy of automation is very much depends on the accuracy of software being used.  The quality of automation can only be possible if there is quality in software. In order to achieve the quality in automation, there must be superiority in software being used and software testing is the key to achieve quality software.  A set of all activity is needed to be performed in a planed way to judge the excellence and superiority of software. Software testing is iterative in nature.  Once on set of application is tested, all defaults and errors removed, test software goes to find out if there is any errors in the system. It also checks out if there are any new defaults inserted. This process works till the end until and unless all errors and defaults removed from the system and the system attain the desire level of quality

There are different types of approaches that are being used with the software testing :

  • Integration testing
  • Function testing
  • Stress testing
  • Load testing
  • Usability  testing
  • Acceptance testing.

But nowadays quality testing services are one-off. Many companies claims offering quality testing services but they are not just up to the mark when it comes to real operation of software. Moreover load testing is ignored by many of them. Some companies charges hefty amount for their services without providing quality testing services.  They even ignore the significance of load testing that is very vital thing in quality testing. Often load testing services are being ignored just because it is very complicated process and required rapt attention while it is being carried out.

Mostly applications fail to run because they can’t bear the heavy load of users. Sometime it takes lot of time to execute any program or function. It not only consumes time that is taken while doing assignments but also creates frustration. If load time is tested properly it can decrease the possibility of downtime and enhance deployment quality of application.  If your software are passed with load time test there can be assurance of customer satisfactions. It can drastically minimize risk of performance.

Performance of the software can be determined with the help of load testing under the load of multiple users. It is also helpful in deciding the number of application in a system a user can access.  It enables the developer to find out bottlenecks in the performance of application results in decreasing of downtime possibility.

If a program built for small number of connections flooded with larger numbers of users then the system is not doubt inevitably result in failure.In such a situation you need to understand the fact before you plan for setting the project what individuals might be making use of it, how many users may be hooked up at any single time, as well as how they use this. It will be detrimental to your project and your reputation.

The best way to avoid this situation is to perform load testing assessment. Load performance tests are processes where you actually push your system or project to its limits. It also analysis the performance of your project whether there are actually any faults, the way the program responded, whether you need to expend the project or even need to make changes.

Load time testing is very prominent factor in software testing system that not only enable system to run smoothly but also save maintenance cost and provides great customer satisfaction. It is very important feature of software quality that can’t be ignored.  This is very helpful if a company is looking to build software which would be used by many users at the same time.

Therefore Load testing is a wise move to ensure that the end product delivered to customer works perfectly in most tensile situations. A program created for real-time multiple sharing environments needs extra attention during testing for performance and scalability.