Why use a Joystick when it has a Wonderful Substitution?

The glove which you see in the picture is homemade and is a gesture controlled rover. It can transmit the battery level, temperature and object distance to the LCD panel which is on the wrist. This can be substituted for a typical joystick. It is a wireless system which taps into an embedded accelerometer to control the robot perfectly.

Axis Glove That Controls a Robot
The main frame is built of clear acrylic and, for additional strength; it has extra acrylic strips fixed to the edges. Also, a LM35 temperature sensor is wired to the front. It supervises the environment that the rover investigates. An HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder functions as the eyes of the system. To avoid false readings, the photodiode is covered with an adaptation of a 6mm heat shrink tube. Once the robot is hooked up and switched on, it can easily be controlled by the futuristic power glove. This glove consists of 2 parts. The largest parts are the accelerometer strap and a display strap. So, the project shows that is very simple to construct a system like this. And, other items like quadcopters and tiny water boats could also be monitored with a similar type of setup.

Watch the video of the axis glove monitoring the vehicle on a slope.