Wiesbaden’s Route Tracing Robot Indicates the Most Convenient Paths for Bike Lanes

Did you know that the city of Wiesbaden was declared as the least bike friendly city in Germany by the country’s cyclist club? Well, in response to that, the Wiesbaden-based creative agency Radwende created a drawing robot. This robot creates a map of a more bike-friendly city by tracing the paths of bike riders.

Route-tracing robot
Radwende’s Managing Director Peter Post said: “It’s a beautiful and rich city, with lots of large SUVs and luxury cars, but riding a bike is only for the fearless, there is no culture of respect to cyclists. The machine and art piece is a new way to promote biking locally.”

Right now, the robot is placed in Wiesbaden’s Museum of Fine Art. Every day, the robot draws a new portrait by tracking down one bike rider in the city who uses Android/iPhone tracking apps during his/her journey. The lines grow bolder on the paths where people ride the most. So, the robot indicates the path in the city where bike lanes are necessary.

“The nice thing is, every drawing looks different and has small stories to tell. People actually find their own specific tour within the layers of lines,” Post added. Also, it is said that the robot will be inside the museum until July 2nd. The prints are for sale for 150 Euros. However, for each kilometre measured by the biking app, the print costs one Euro less.

So, the project on the whole is a mix of activism, environmentalism, capitalism and also urban planning. Well, there are plenty of other ways to know where bike lanes are required. Anyways, this is efficient!

Via: Fast Company
Source: Radewende (translated)