Wikipedia revamps its iOS App with new features- mobile editing, Recent pages, Wikipedia Zero and more

Following the release of the revamped android app in June, the world’s biggest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia is bringing the same features to iOS, with an all-new redesigned version of the official app available for download in the App store.

“The updated app has been totally rewritten from the ground up in native code. So from a technical perspective it is a brand new app with many of the same features, while also introducing new ones,” product manager Dan Garry said.

“With this new rebuild, our primary focus was on speed: how quickly the app starts, how fast pages and images load, and how quickly search results are returned. The result is a snappy experience allowing Wikipedia readers to get to the content they’re looking for faster than ever before.”

The new features include:

A screenshot of the iOS app.

A screenshot of the iOS app.

  • Speed: The new native app is certainly a bit faster to load.
  • Editing: For the first time mobile users will now be able to add changes to articles so as to improve the quality of articles on the go. For example, when people land in a new city, information about the local cuisine or updates to the description of cool landmarks can be quickly added.
  • Recent pages: you can always navigate back to previously read articles quickly and easily.
  • Saved pages: You can save your favorite pages to read later. The saved posts are, well, saved to your phone, so you can read them while waiting in a line at the post office or commuting on public transit.
  • Language: The app supports multi-languages.
  • Wikipedia Zero: A partnership with mobile network providers to provide Wikipedia free of data charges in developing economies.

“Using user research, we also focused on making existing features better. We know that a lot of people love getting lost in Wikipedia, following link after link — that’s why we have a viewing history allowing users to find their way back to where they came from. You can also save pages for offline reading — great for loading up articles you want to read on the plane. All of these features make for a great reading experience,” Garry said.

Today’s update delivers Wikipedia nerds a fast user experience that makes it extremely easy to shore up for any forthcoming trivia nights.