Will You Lose Your Job to Technology? [Infographic]

With the continuing advancement of technology and improvements in the field of artificial intelligence, some service jobs are going to be on shaky ground. If this happens, people in general will find it difficult to seek for service-oriented jobs in the future. One can’t help but be worried and dread of the day that they would lose the job they have right now to technology. Counting a few more years in the future, robots might do a better job than we can. A number of our jobs could be extinct by 2025. Artificial intelligence might do a faster and more accurate job than we can at a really cheaper cost. Where does that leave us?

Staff.com has made bold predictions on jobs that will probably go extinct in the coming years based on the current trends. You might be able to lose your job because automated systems might be taking over. Some of the current jobs we have like taxi drivers, bookkeepers, paralegal, air traffic controllers, parking meter attendants, travel agents, interpreters and translators may well become inactive in the next 15 years or so. Do you think that is impossible? Or, is that where we are really going? Let us know what you think of this infographic.
Staffcom-infograph_jobs-extinct (1)