Windows 8 Games: Some All time favorites

Windows machines have always been involved a fight between man and machine. This article deals with the best five Windows 8 games that should be included in your collection. Four of these five games are classics that have been upgraded, only one of them being a new concept- a very simple one. The greatest thing about these amazing games is that they are free. This brand-new operating system implies a better gameplay and highly developed graphics. In case you aren’t convinced, all you have to do is download one of these games to see what they’re all about.
New Windows apps can be easily downloaded from the app store featured by Windows 8. Bear in mind that the store doesn’t work with older versions of Windows. When you want to visit the store, you need to click on “Start” and then on “Store”. The store allows you to browse for apps or simply Search for the one you want by entering its title.

No. 1: Tetris

This game is proof that what is old is always good. Tetris is an enhanced version of the famous game that was included in Nintendo’s Game Boy. Tetris is basically a tile-matching game which implies placing bricks and tumbling from the highest part of the screen in order to create lines. However, the lines often disappear, and everything becomes challenging.

This puzzle game dates from 1984, when it was developed by a team from Moscow. More than 35 million units of this game were sold to Nintendo’s Game Boy, and since 2011, it managed to gather another 132 million of paid mobile downloads. The Windows 8 version of this game carries the signature of Danilo Peres and is actually pretty good.

No. 2: Solitaire HD

Solitaire HD

The first computerized version of this game was included by Windows in 1990. Solitaire HD is the most recent version of the game, and rumor has it that it was “favored” even by Napoleon Bonaparte. Everybody will enjoy playing this game, as its simplicity is out of this world- the Windows 8 version enhanced by Bernardo Zamora also includes polished graphic, accompanied by extremely sophisticated one-click moves.

No. 3: Sudoku Free

 Sudoku Free

Sudoku Free is created by Reflection IT especially for the brand-new Windows 8 platform. This game is a numerical puzzle based on logic, whose gameplay takes place on a 9×9 grid. The great thing about Sudoku Free is that it features a wide range of difficulty levels, the most difficult one being the “Evil” level. Besides, this game features generation of random puzzles.

In case you’re not familiar with this game, you should know that the idea behind Sudoku implies filling the grid with digits between 1 and 9 so that every column, sub-grid and line contains all of them. In Japan, this game is also referred to as the “Number Place”.

No. 4: The Chess Lv.100

The Chess Lv.100

In 1997, IBM’s computer Deep Blue managed to beat the world chess Russian champion Garry Kasparov after a long match consisting of six games. However, computers have gained more strength since them. Chess Lv. 100 features 100 levels of strength and a very useful hint option. The only disadvantage of this game is that it comes with no built-in control for its uninspired music. This is the only reason why Chess Lv. 100 has recently lost some ground.

No. 5: Logos Quiz+

Logos Quiz+

This quiz game is perfect for gamers who want to make their time pass faster. Created by Bernard Zamora, Logos Quiz+ has great chances of becoming one of the classics. The idea of the game is to guess the company that owns one of the 640 logos featured.

Although you may think this game is pointless, you should know that it’s actually pretty educational, as it’s also provided with hints that can teach you a company’s history or what its logo means. If you’re interested in marketing or graphic design, Logos Quiz+ can be both a source of entertainment and a form of informal education.