Winkymote by Katia Vega allows you to change T.V channels with eye blink


Katia Vega, a designer who launched the Beauty Technology project has come up with her new concept Winkymote. Winkymote Allows Blinks to Change Television Channels, it is developed for people with certain disability. Katia Vega developed this Prototype for a 33-year old Felipe, master student who injured himself during a jujitsu practice 13 years ago.

In collaboration with Clio- an arduino based microcontroller from Seeed Studio, Katia made this concept so that Felipe can switch on and off or can change channels by blinking his left, right and both eyes. With this concept, Katia is sure that her friend Felipe who as of now depends on the assistance of nurses for complicated tasks will be able to see Television at his own. The makeup, called “Empowder,” used to conceal the technology closely resembles human skin, and is a good demonstration of how technology can make life easier for people with disabilities. This concept indeed is a good though and will surely be a great help for many people who cannot move their hands.

Winkymote by Katia Vega

Winkymote by Katia Vega