CES 2014: Intel dreams up a smart wireless charging bowl

Intel dreams up a smart bowl

(Credit: Intel)

Intel Corp. has rolled out many new technologies this year at CES 2014. Intel with its smart wireless charging bowl, which is just a concept, has amazed every one. Once you drop your gadgets i.e phone, tablet etc on a small wireless bowl it will start charging them up.
Wow, this technology will be a great invention for all those who drops their phone or other gadgets here and there. This small bowl can solve big problems by making everything smart said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich while giving its presentation and also said that, It seems they are starting small. Small, however, does not mean it is insignificant.
Right now, this bowl only gets paired up with Intel’s newly announced smart headset. Intel has assured to bring this technology soon and expand it wider for other devices such as phone, tablet, ultra books etc. However, as of now smart headset will charge automatically as soon as you drop it into the wireless bowl. Unfortunately, Intel has no released ant details about its price and availability.
Via : cnet