Wireless MIDI music keyboard Miselu C.24 from SoftBank


An American startup, Miselu , has manufactured a new wireless MIDI music Keyboard C.24, which is due to be released around January 2015. However, SoftBank will be starting the sale of exclusive 500 units from December 16.

The keyboard has enough feel of a realistic thing. The keyboard requires installation of free application “Miselu KEY” in case of iOS operating devices. The connection could be installed with included Bluetooth LE.

When not in use, it just measures 9.9mm in thickness or say it would become a iPad case too in that case. The keyboard pops-up whenever you find a suitable mood to play music notes. When open, the thickness grows to 28.5mm. Among nine octaves, you can chose and adjust them with a touch of provided LED sensor at the side.

This handy wireless music tool weighs just 552g and is will cost you ¥24,000.

Via: AkihabaraNews