Wish to look tall and thin? Spring app does this exactly for you

Everyone wants to make their portraits look better. Some of us wish we were taller and slim in photos, but is it possible? Yes! Looking to take this challenge and capitalize on it in the mobile market, Japan-based developer Kim Taewan has created an app for both Android and iOS called Spring.

Spring’ app instantly makes you appear taller

Spring’s goal is to “help you adjust your Body proportions,” according to the app description. The app promises to change your appearance by giving you supermodel legs with a simple touch of a button. The free app works by asking you to mark two to three points on your body in-between which the stretching takes place.

As you could expect, with the lengthening of your image, the background also gets slightly adjusted, leading to some strange results.

Despite this, it seems to be receiving positive reviews on both iTunes and Play Stores.

‘Just so easy to make you looks much taller and thinner! Well I love it so much,’ commented a user.

If you want a high-quality image then a pro version of the Android is available for £1.16 ($1.95).

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