Women Should Lift, Too [Infographic]

There’s a new trend in women’s fitness: lifting weights.  Women have always been warned not to lift weights for various reasons.  It is said that lifting weights will make a woman bulky, but this just isn’t true.  Women don’t have as much testosterone as men do, so they just can’t put on the same muscle bulk that a man can.  It is said that lifting weights can make a woman stiff and inflexible, but this also isn’t true.  As long as you do it properly and go through your whole range of motion, it can actually help with your flexibility.  It is also said that all that muscle will turn to fat after you stop working out.  Muscle and fat are two different types of tissue, and as long as you adjust your diet according to your physical output, you won’t have any trouble.

The truth is that lifting weights is good for everyone, including women.  Lifting weights makes your muscles strong, and that includes your heart muscle.  It also strengthens your bones.  And it’s a great stress reliever for when you have to deal with people who warn you not to get too bulky.  Learn more about the many benefits of lifting weights from this infographic.

Women Should Lift