Wood and leather dumbbells to help you stay in shape

wood, leather dumbbells

People may be more inclined to use fitness equipment if they were on display in the living room rather than hiding them away in a garage. Based on this concept, a German startup has created a set of stylish, wood and leather dumbbells that make it more convenient to stay in good shape and you would never give yourself excuse for missing out workouts.

The set comprises of eight dumbbells in total, with pairs weighing 1, 2, 4 and 6 kg or just over 2 to 13 pounds. If you are keen on developing an effective weight-lifting routine, you will find a set of eight training cards hidden within the wooden storage tower so you don’t have to hunt for a personal trainer.

The tower wood is priced at $600 and makes for a worthy addition to your fitness regime. Also, setting it up in your living room will always make you feel guilty for missing out workouts, but no worry you are more likely to use it.

wood, leather dumbbells-1

Via: Gizmodo