World’s first Mind-controlled prosthetic arm implanted into a Swedish man

World's first prosthetic arm

A Swedish amputee who received the world’s first mind-controlled prosthetic arm has been able to do everything from maneuvering a key to unlock a door, chopping wood, picking up an egg without damaging it and even driving trucks.

The 42-yeat-old Magnus, was fitted with the prosthetic arm in January 2013 which connects electrodes to his own nerves. His right arm was amputated 10 years ago after he suffered a cancerous tumor. Magnus’s new arm was designed using a technique called osseointegration. It works by connecting the prosthesis directly to his bone, nerves and muscles.

Osseointegration is used to create a long-term stable interaction between man and machine. The implanted electrodes allowed Magnus to control the prosthetic arm with less effort and more precision. The implant has a two-way interface – the electrodes can transfer information not only from the brain to the arm but also from the environment to the brain.

Following the surgery, Magnus has been able to do things which he had thought was impossible like tying the laces on his children skate, handling eggs and more.

Another patient Keith Vonderhuevel, of Sidney, ohio who lost his arm in an industrial accident in 2005 had the system planted in January 2013. He said that the sense of touch is actually improving. The complete report of the two cases is published in the Journal Science Translation Medicine.

Via: CNet