World’s first official Batmobile auctioned for $137,000

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Back in 1960, a fan of Batman comic book series stared working on his customized Batmobile and finished it in 1963. It was the first car to receive official license to rock the roads. Forrest Robinson, the builder, had sold it afterwards for $200. Recently, the car was sold on for a whopping $137,000.

Well, that’s a pretty good deal considering its $200 sale back in 60s.

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Although, it was built for personal use, DC Comics approached Robinson and paid him handsomely to take a tour in the vehicle around the US for promotional purpose. Later, the car retired after a new iconic vehicle was customized as Batmobile for 1966 TV adaption.

The car made it into 21s century with regular restorations, and is still doing well.

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Batmobile auctioned

Via: io9