World’s smallest car quickly navigates the crowded streets of Shanghai


This miniature automobile seems to be a toy car for a small child, but it is the world’s small drivable car designed by 60-year old native Xu Zhiyun from Shanghai.

Xu has been creative since his childhood and has developed interest towards motorcycle for 30 years. He has invented many things like steering device to move his family’s TV. He used to sew clothes for himself at home. But none of his projects gained popularity as this small car. It took him two years to come up with the final design.

Shanghai streets in China are known for being crowded all the time. This led Xu to make his own quirky car that could quickly and easily navigate through the busy streets of Shanghai. The car measures 60 cm long, 35 cm wide and 40 cm tall, and don’t forget this is a drivable car.

The mini car is equipped with an engine, an accelerator, brake lights, hear system, horn and sound system to enhance its design. It contains all the components that are present in a normal car. The car’s sound system can handle up to 500 songs. Xu had invested £ 155 ($243 USD) for his mini car project which sounds quite economical.

The driving pedals which include brake, accelerator and clutch are installed on the front of the car. The car also features a resting pad that offers comfort to the driver while driving. It is not clear whether the law permits the car on the road or not, but Xu can be spotted driving it comfortably on the busy streets of Shanghai.

Via: Damngeeky