Would you ditch your car for £3,000 e-bike made from ash wood?

Ash wood electric bike

There has been a recent trend to go green all the way by creating electric two-wheelers in wood. Matthias Broda, a German designer, has taken things a step further by designing an e-bike in ash wood,  a bio-dynamically sustainable and organic medium. Bamboo and wooden bikes have been in news for a couple of years and in 2012 wooden electric bikes made their way into the market.

Matthias e-bike features a 250W e-bike motor that helps riders pedal and supports up to 100 kilometers. The e-bike also has a rechargeable battery. However with a price tag of £3,000, it is unlikely that Commuters in Britain will ditch their cars anytime soon.

Ash wood electric bike-1

Instead of traditional metal or carbon tubing, Matthias has used ash wood for the frame and handle bars, the only exception being the pedals, wheels, motor and wiring. His team which included students from the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde holds a prototype on a street in Berlin. The wooden electric two-wheeler will be arriving by spring 2015.

While the bike looks cool, you may not be happy with its all-wood seat without suspension that would offer a painful experience on long rides or over bumpy roads.

Ash wood electric bike-2

There are no specifications of how the bike will survive rain, which could spoil the shape of the frame. Ebikes are largely used by postal workers in Germany to help them on rounds. The German postal service- Deutsche Post – has purchased 6,200 e-bikes for their staff. The German designers started off with designing an eco-friendly bike , but ended up with a highly expensive vehicle. Cyclists who don’t want to get sweaty while commuting prefer such kind of electric bikes.

Ash wood electric bike-3

Via: Dailymail