Would You Vacation On The Moon? [Infographic]

In 1948, the United States began sending missiles with small mammals inside to space.  The purpose was to determine whether space travel would be safe for humans.  By 1969 the United States had put a man on the moon, and there have been multiple moon landings since.  The International Space Station has been in orbit around the Earth since 1998, so living in space is starting to become a normal concept for most humans.

The next step could be building a lunar colony.  There is already a plan in the works to place important religious texts in space capsules on the surface of the moon in the name of cultural preservation.  But what if we could place an entire colony of humans on the surface of the moon to carry on our culture in case of a natural disaster on the planet’s surface?  It could be powered by a lunar solar farm that could also power space shuttles, making travel to the moon a regular thing.  Would you visit the moon for a vacation?

Learn more about the possible future of the moon from this helpful infographic.  Be sure to share it with your friends so you can start planning your next vacation to the hottest destination in space!

Would You Vacation On The Moon