Ye Guan’s Bipedal Walking Robot

Bipedal Walking Sentinel Project is a DIY kit that is a fun project for designing your own simple robotics. Ye Guan has shown interest in this project and is trying to design a robot that resembles the sentinel walker from Warhammer 40k and the two-legged walker from Star Wars.

Bipedal Walking Sentinel Project

The current model uses a complete set of seven sensors to understand its surroundings and its own condition.

Sonar Sensor: Sonar sensor helps the robot detect long range surroundings so that the robot can safely walk around large obstacles.

Infrared Distance Sensor: This helps the robot in detecting the surface condition and adjusting itself to the changing road conditions, such as stairs.

Pressure Sensors: Two pressure sensors will be installed into each foot to detect when the foot is on the ground.

Gyroscope: The head of the robot is equipped with an accelerometer that informs the robot changes in its orientation and balance so that it can make the required adjustments before falling.

Photo Detectors: These sensors will trigger the robot to turn on its head lights when there is no sufficient lighting.

Temperature Sensors: These sensors ensure that the entire setup including the batteries and microcontrollers placed closed to each other does not get overheated. The complete setup will be under the control of Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller installed in the robot’s head.

Source : Yaleguan