You can now run Windows 95 on a Samsung Gear Live


Corbin Davenport, a 16-year-old web developer has been in the news over the last week for porting both Minecraft Pocket Edition and the original PC FPS Doom to run on Android Wear.

And now, Davenport has discovered a way to load the entire Windows 95 operating system onto a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch using emulator software called aDosBox.

aDosBox is a basic emulator freely available on the Google Play Store, but Davenport says that faster emulators don’t seem to work on Android Wear. This is the reason behind everything running so slowly on the Gear Live. It doesn’t work particularly well, taking long time to boot and running out of RAM when launching applications and aDosBox doesn’t allow users to add any additional RAM. The tiny, vintage screen is pretty, though completely useless.

Check out the video below that demonstrates Windows 95 running on Android Wear.

Via: AndroidPolice