You Can now Send Texts with Hand Gestures Using your Hoodie

All wearable electronics don’t have to go on your wrist or face. New York University graduates, Alina Balean and Rucha Patwardhan have designed this wearable technology called ‘Smart Hoodie’. This hooded sweatshirt is sewn in with a GSM radio which can respond to different movements. Alina and Rucha showed three gestures during demonstration.

the cellphone sweater
Touching a sleeve, touching the hood and rolling up a sleeve – all these three gestures send a different text message to contacts which will be programmed before-hand.

The main focus of the demo was staying connected to family members. But, we also have to note that it has many other uses. For example, you can text 911. When you know that you are about to walk into a dangerous area, you could just notify the emergency services.

the cellphone sweater

the cellphone sweater
And, in case you are threatened by someone, you could notify your friends without notifying your attacker. Well, you might not find this hoodie at your local clothes shop. But, you can make one yourself as the parts used are ‘off the shelf!’

Via : Engadget

Source : Alina Balean