YouTube adding support for new features at Vidcon- Translator, Tip jar, 60fps playback and more

At Vidcon in Anaheim, Calif., YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced a series of new features to make YouTube experience better for both fans and creators. Among the announcements that got the most applause from the crowd is a massive translation effort, a virtual tip-jar to show support for creators up to $500, fun sourced subtitles and an app for YouTubers to access analytics and channel management tools on the go.

YouTube adding support for new featuresOther new goodies include support for 60 FPS videos, a free music and sound effects library and a system for tagging contributors.


With an attempt to make that every uploaded video on YouTube makes sense across boundaries-and to boost international presence-YouTube encourages bi-lingual users to type in subtitles for their favourite videos.

Virtual Tip Jar

YouTube is also offer direct funding support for video creators-name-checking sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It is a way for fans to thank you for your videos with their wallets from $1 to $500.

The Music Library

The sound library already featured a collection of 2,000 sound-effects-including 42 different versions of farts-which are available starting Thursday.

YouTube Creator Studio Mobile app

This is an analytics and channel management mobile app that allows creators to track their metrics in real time, a mini-development that got applause from the crowd who earlier had to wait for three days to see updated stats.

60FPS Playback

YouTube will support 60fps HD videos for the first time. This development should greatly benefit video bloggers who stream and upload video from fighting games, action games, shooters and other high frame rate titles.

Via : Mashable