ZeeNews- India’s Largest News Network’s Account Terminated for Infringement

YouTube has decided to terminate the account of Zee News, the largest news network in India with some 140 million viewers. The network has been seriously punished this morning following “multiple third party notifications of copyright infringement and that could mean that it will likely never get restored. While YouTube has not disclosed what content was copied, the scroller on the screen indicates that ZeeNews has received at least two complaints- from TF1 and Wizcraft.


According to the TorrentFreak reports, TF1 seems to be the French national TV channel, while Wizcraft is rumoured to be a popular Indian branding company.

Youtube would have merely suspended ZeeNews account for a while if the network had agreed to take out the targeted content from its site. Since the network refused to do so, YouTube had no other alternative but to terminate the account of ZeeNews. This means all its efforts in making the channel India’s largest network go in vain. At the same time it has lost all its subscribers and content.
While many people easily escape with uploading infringing content to YouTube, the site’s ContentID system ensures that content belonging to the world’s Top entertainment companies gets noticed when it’s uploaded by an unauthorised third-party.

Copyright holders can also file a DMCA complaint informing Youtube of the unofficial uploads and immediate removal of the targeted content.

ZeeNews appears to be a smart player in the Indian news network, operating via zeenews.India.com, a sub-domain of the popular India.com.

The accused network has over 457,000 followers on Twitter and over 2.6 million likes on Facebook.

Update June 25 :  The YouTube channel is back.