Zolt Laptop Adapter charges two devices simultaneously

Well, if you are travelling with your laptop from your home to office and back, you’d still be using the power adapter that came with it. However, if you are having second thoughts about buying a new one, or if you want to upgrade to something handier, there is this new alternative called the Zolt. It is a seventy watt notebook charger which can simultaneously charge 2 USB devices! And, it will be available to you for a mere $79.99. It is chiefly designed to charge PCs. However, it will also work with Apple’s MagSafe plug using a $30 adapter that the company is said to be still developing.

This Tiny Laptop Adapter Charges Two Other Devices At The Same TimeThe design is simply exceptional! Like, you could swivel ninety degrees to make your cords face a different direction. There is a tall and narrow footprint which takes only one plug instead of two on an outlet or power strip. It can easily function as a three-plug USB charger when it is not being used as a notebook. So, that’s one less thing for you to schlep.

Along with the power features, the Zolt’s size is another thing which makes it more interesting. It is three inches long and weighs three ounces and mind you, this size is half of Apple’s 45 watt MagSafe 2 charger! If you are an international user, you should take into consideration that the adapter will work on other voltages, but, you will have to plug it into a wall plug adapter which is not sold by Zolt.

This Tiny Laptop Adapter Charges Two Other Devices At The Same TimeAfter looking at the description, you may think that this kind of resembles FinSix’s Dart charger, which was launched at the CES 2014. However, that product isn’t out for sale yet. Also, it won’t be out until May or so. But, Zolt will be out by spring and it plans to increase the cost to $99.9 along with its Apple adapter. So, you’d better pre-order it!